Beer Academy English

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4 999 Kč –20 %

Education place

Mendel university in Brno, Zemedelska 1, Brno

Pavilon M

Date: 14th april 2018

We start 9:30,finish about 15:30 (one day)

3 999 Kč

Advanced Beer Brewing Weekend

There are element to this weekend beer brewing course.  On the first day you participate where you will look at the fundamentals of beer recipe development including the essential of understanding the key brewing calculations.

Brewing tutor Jan Grmela brewmaster Lucky Bastard and others brewmasters.


Will also cover a number of the following: 

  • Brewing Process
  • Brewing Water
  • Composition of Grain and Malting
  • Specialty Malts
  • Hops and Other Herbs
  • Brewing Calculations and Recipe
  • Recipe formulation
  • Milling and Adjunct Preparation
  • Enzymes in Brewing
  • Cleaning and Sanitizing
  • Mashing, Sparging and Lautering
  • Wort Boiling and Clarification
  • Wort Cooling and Aeration
  • Nature of Yeast and Yeast selection
  • Yeast Handling and Fermentation
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